Final Services at Danville Road Church

April 10, 2016


Dear Members and Visitors of Pentecostal Tabernacle Church,


Today is the last scheduled church services at Pentecostal Tabernacle Church of Decatur AL located at 712 Memorial Drive. Due to a long standing preaching commitment (scheduled for two years) Sister Odom and I are out of town and unable to be with you today.

However Sister Odom and I, even though we are absent, wanted to share our thoughts and feelings of this moment in the history of our church. I advised both speakers for today's church services, Brother Byron Sparks and Brother Daniel Jewell of my plans to have our comments read to you.

I trust and pray that both church services today will be crowned with Heavens Holy Ghost! I trust and pray that a spirit of liberty and freedom will prevail; I trust and I pray that both preachers will be mightily anointed to preach; I trust and pray that everyone will be abundantly blessed and drawn mush closer to the Lord Jesus.

As I mention my numerous appreciations for the past seven years it is probable that many things should be mentioned, will be excluded only because of time and space constraints in this letter.


The Saints of God:

To the original members that began the journey with us over seven years ago, I am grateful for your commitment and faithfulness. You are indeed worthy and deserving of many compliments, but please know that my heartfelt thanks is encapsulated with this brief expression of appreciation.


Those That Have Joined The Pentecostal Tabernacle Church:

Obviously a great majority of our church members and attendants have joined us within the past five years; what a great group you are! Because you made a commitment to my vision and burden for North Alabama, you have made my burden easier and lighter.


Prayer Warriors and Worship Leaders:

Some of you have been a tremendous blessing to me as you are always early, and never late for all pre-church service prayer meetings. Some of you are tremendous respondents and leaders in spiritual worship whether it is responding to music, song, or to preaching. You have indeed taken many church services in recent years to a level of faith and spiritual success, which services are blessings to all.



It is obvious that we have a financial challenge before us with the undertaking of the cost and expenses of the new church facilities on Spring Avenue, because of your faithfulness, we are managing the challenge and will continue to do so in the future. My faith for sufficient finances is first anchored in God, but also anchored in you, that he will help us, and you will be the people he will use for the necessary finances.


712 Memorial Drive Church Building:

God no long dwells in a building made by men's hands as he did in the Old Testament Tabernacle and Temple. "Know ye not that YOU are the temple of God?"  God now dwells in his church, which is the Body of Christ and we as a church family is God's dwelling place! However, I would be remiss if I do not reflect on my love and appreciation for the physical building on Memorial Drive/Danville Road. Many are the cherished memories of the church services we shared at this church facility. We have often rejoiced; we have often wept; often than not we have simply done our duty as we praised, preached, and worshiped Christ Jesus in Spirit and in Truth!

It seems only like yesterday that you helped Sister Odom with the landscaping project which actually has been almost seven years ago. Some of you will remember the City of Decatur gave us honor by citing us for the lawn beautification project. Following the landscaping project, were the following:

1. Roadside church sign.

2. Front parking lot lighting.

3. Developing the rear parking lot.

4. Major interior remodeling:

A. Sanctuary carpet.

B. Sanctuary Painting.

C. Foyer and bathrooms beautification.


Over the years there were several other projects as we grew and maintained the church. Of course we cannot forget the "note burning service" after we retired the mortgage payment! What a great moment that was.


Church Services:

More frequently than not we have received exceptional Holy Ghost anointed church services. It mattered not if it was Sunday A.M.. ~ Sunday P.M.. or Tuesday evening, the presence of God has been manifested to us. In the church services we have seen and received many, many great an notable spiritual experiences.


A Healing Church:

Perhaps one title that will define Pentecostal Tabernacle Church is we are a Healing Church. We have seen healing for the spiritual wounded and hurting; healing for the spiritually destitute and depressed; healing for some that were deemed hopeless by other preachers and churches. From those wounded backgrounds God has raised up a wonderful congregation and we must never, never stop the healing processes for many others who will come to us, as they will need to have healing help too. 


Final Thoughts:

Sister Odom joins me as I express our appreciation for your kindness to us, however it is our historical style to be kind to others too. A church that lives by the Laws of Kindness will be a blessed church. On the contrary, any church that is absent of Brotherly Kindness will become sullen and belligerent and full of the works of sin!

Many times over the past seven years I have had numerous visitors to tell me the one thing that stood out to them about our church was the love they not only felt for themselves, but also a love they witnessed among the people for each other.

What a great tandem for a church to have! Kindness and Love!

Today, please give both church services the very best that you can. Enjoy 712 Memorial Drive! Look at the church facilities, both on the inside and outside, and reflect on the great joy and great privilege it has been to have called this precious building our church home! I have loved this little place dearly! Herein I have felt the baptism of the Holy Ghost hundreds of times, and I will never forget those priceless moments.


We will meet here at Danville Road next Sunday April 17 at 9:30 A.M.. for a final gathering and Thanksgiving to Jesus for this building. Then, we will travel together and enter the Spring Avenue Church at approximately 10:15 A.M.. for the official opening of the church.


Sister Odom and I love you dearly!



Bishop Odom







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